Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Baba Malay Dictionary

A Baba Malay Dictionary
By:"William Hock"
Published on 2015-07-14 by Tuttle Publishing

This dictionary documents the vast storehouse of unusual words, phrases, idioms and expressions used by Baba Chinese communities in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and elsewhere. It aims to help younger Babas learn and maintain this unique language. An introduction to the language, a glossary and notes on cherki (a popular Baba game) are also included.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Makan siap

Makan siap
By:"Maxwell Hall"
Published on 1950 by

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Monday, August 29, 2016

The Cardamom Trail

The Cardamom Trail
By:"Chetna Makan"
Published on 2016-03-21 by Mitchell Beazley

**FREE SAMPLER** Explore a myriad of flavours in this exclusive sampler of The Cardamom Trail, from The Great British Bake Off's Chetna Makan. Chetna is known for her unique recipes, which introduce colourful spices, aromatic herbs and other Indian ingredients into traditional Western baked favourites. Out in April, The Cardamom Trail includes rare but precious traditional bakes from India, as well as new spice-infused recipes. Whether it's a sponge cake with a cardamom and coffee filling; puff pastry bites filled with fenugreek paneer; a swirly bread rolled with citrusy coriander, mint and green mango chutney; or a steamed strawberry pudding flavoured with cinnamon, Chetna's Indian influences will transform your baking from the familiar to the exotic, from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

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